Security Chauffeurs Services

Highly Experienced & Skilled Chauffeurs

All of our security chauffeurs in the UK are SIA close protection licensed.

They have experience of driving high-powered luxurious vehicles, both left and right-hand drive.

It is crucial for our principals to feel safe, so driving is smooth and sympathetic. 

Yet our drivers remain alert at all times, and utterly aware of their surroundings. They can react to any dangers or potential threats on the road in a split second. And with minimal impact on their passengers and other road users. Security chauffeurs can operate on a one-to-one basis in a protective surveillance role. They may also be part of a larger close protection team. Although the requirements depend very much on your threat level, we generally recommend that principals have both a dedicated driver and a separate personal bodyguard.

Recognising our clients’

Recognising our clients’ we plan ahead to ensure a secure, seamless journey from pick up to the destination.

For those who travel with close protection, we offer security drivers who have attained the highest level of security driving in the UK. Our security drivers have been trained by former members of We who are responsible for escorting various executives when they travel by nationally or internationally.


Our Security Chauffeurs’ main responsibilities are to ensure you but also look after the physical safety of you and your family.

Our awareness of family and corporate etiquette, as well as flexibility and the capability to provide other services beyond the official remit, are all perfectly reasonable expectations.


A Security Chauffeur may be asked to book restaurants and flights, carry suitcases, run errands for the office or your home, undertake personal shopping or even act as a Valet.

The role can be tailored to suit you and your exact requirements. Brooklands will find you the perfect candidate – so that you can sleep easy knowing you and your family are in safe hands.

Our Security Chauffeur ensures 100 percent satisfaction and much more...
  • Familiar with shortcuts and good navigation skills
  • Alertness
  • Good communication skills
  • Good timekeeping
  • Ability to make decisions in a short period of time
  • First aid skills
  • Defensive driving
  • Close Protection Operative (CPO) skills
  • Security awareness and management
  • Operational intelligence
  • Counter surveillance
  • Criminal psychology
  • Conflict management



Brookland's Security Vehicles

As security and chauffeur specialists we operate a 'Best of British' fleet of luxury vehicles that includes top British marques.

These cars include marques such as Range Rover, Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls-Royce. We can source other vehicles on request. We will even drive your vehicle if preferred. Our security drivers are all advanced professional drivers. They take great pride in providing excellent customer service and satisfaction. Whether for business or pleasure, Westminster Security provides a top-quality experience You can be sure of a smooth, safe and relaxing journey, arriving in style, and refreshed for the day ahead.

Security Chauffeurs Services

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